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RED is a unique experience, second to none in automotive customization offering design and build services for individuals and corporations. From stealth to extravagant, the mission of RED is to individualize each client’s vehicle to their exact specifications. Great pride is taken in maintaining the highest standards of quality, exceptional client service, attention to detail, craftsmanship and constant automotive innovation.





WE BRIDGE INFLUENCERS – BRANDS AND CONSUMERS by providing strategic brand partnerships that will allow corporations to solidify and expand their target demographics. The car culture transcends age and ethnicity. We assist in developing strategies that magnify brand strengths and provide custom opportunities to enhance consumer awareness.


Account Management

Our account management teams orchestrate the entire process – including design, construction, strategic direction, budgeting, planning and program implementation. Our teams work diligently to develop a complete turn-key roll out of our services that exceed client expectations that are delivered on schedule.

Strategic Planning

We are committed to creating winning strategies for the brands we represent. We look at the brand from the viewpoint of the audience and develop niche strategies to enhance the relationship between the brand and the audience.


Corporations demand greater accountability from their advertising campaigns. We embrace accountability and allow our clients to stop reacting and start leading. We do not think in terms of advertising solutions, rather we think in terms of business building solutions. We develop campaigns which deliver high levels of brand awareness for our clients while adhering to strict ROI requirements in which a campaign can be seen as not only successful, but profitable. We market directly to the predefined niche market, with a tangible product that offers multiple ROI strategies.

RED’s mission is to become the most valued marketing partner for the businesses and entrepreneurs whose interest we represent.


Individualize /in di vij ew liz/ to modify to suit the wishes or needs of a particular individual.

Our Custom Projects

Custom Renderings/Concepts

Our Vendors 


Contact us at 404-919-9519 to learn more about the RED Individualization options for your vehicle.




The RED Consulting Group provides assistance to our Creative Professionals in providing a comprehensive automotive marketing strategy to our clients.

Our Capabilities

- Business Development (Marketing and Sales)

- market analysis

- niche placement

- messaging strategies

- brand strength measurement

- brand valuation

Our Industries

- Beverage (Liquor, Wine, Beer, Sports Drinks, Energy Drinks and Water)

- Automotive (Manufacturers, Aftermarket, Wheels, Tires, Performance and Cleaning products)

- Supplements

- Cigars

- Fashion (Designer and Retail)

- Financial Services (Insurance, Retirement, Asset Management)

- Consumer Brands (Food, Drink, Hygiene, Appliance)

- Hospitality

- Manufacturing


- Technology (Cellular, Computer, Communication,

We develop strategic insights and translate them into impact for our Automotive Marketing clients. Contact our consulting group to discuss a “Go To Market” strategy for your company.



Children’s Charities

At RED we realize that our success should have a direct correlation to the needs of the community. We are committed to the needs of children and focus on housing, nutrition and education. Through our DRIVENTOGIVE and LVRG programs we provide funding to combat homelessness and hunger as well as enrichment programs and scholarships.


Please register at info@redcharities to receive project and event notifications.

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Our Culture

RED is a dynamic work environment, with an emphasis on teamwork, flexibility and creative thinking.We recognize that success requires teamwork. All partners adhere to strict project management guidelines to ensure we deliver on-time and on-budget. We celebrate team successes, encourage our partners to get to know one another and foster a sense of camaraderie by hosting numerous in-house and off-site events.

How To Apply

There is no rigid checklist of qualities candidates must possess for job openings at RED. We look for a combination of attributes that provide a solid foundation for a successful career:

- Outstanding academic achievement   - Comfort within a quantitative and creative environment  - Notable extracurricular interests

- Initiative and commitment  - Significant professional experience (for experienced hires)  - Strong communication skills

- Demonstrated leadership  - Team Orientation

We are currently recruiting for Relationship Managers and Graphic Designers. Please forward resumes with a portfolio of work, (if applicable), to:

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